Birmingham Safeguarding Childrens Partnership Learning and Development Programme

Published: 15th Mar 2021

A message from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership about their learning and development plan.

The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership are working hard to provide a comprehensive learning and development program for 2021-22, that provides varied opportunities for development of your safeguarding knowledge and skills. Our program will be virtual training via Microsoft Teams and Zoom until end of July 2021 from when we hope to be able plan more face-to-face events for the rest of the year.

Courses Include:

  • Learning Lessons from Serious Case Reviews
  • Professional Curiosity & Challenge
  • Working with Resistant Families
  • Advanced CE - Trauma & Developing Skills for Practice
  • Child Exploitation: Tackling CE Together in Birmingham
  • Modern Slavery
  • Understanding and Responding to Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse (Module 1)
  • Working with Those Who Are, or May Be Experiencing Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse (Module 2)
  • Understanding and Responding to Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse (Module 3)
  • Safeguarding for Senior, Designated & Operational Managers
  • Safeguarding Children & Cultural Awareness
  • Attachment Theory and Brain Development
  • Raising Awareness of Female Genital Mutilation
  • Safeguarding Disabled Children and Young People
  • Understanding the Strengthening Families Framework

You can view and book all of our courses here or by copying and pasting the link into your browser: Google works best for this.

For our virtual courses:

  • Virtual Courses will take place via Microsoft Teams and - to a lesser extent - Zoom.
  • Please read the course information, confirmations and any follow up emails carefully during and after your booking process, and follow the instructions for receiving or locating the link to the course. Virtual courses have been re-designed from their usual face-to-face format, and so some alterations such as the requirement to complete pre-course work (in some instances) are in place for you.
  • If your organisation allows it, Microsoft Teams should be downloaded on your device and you should know how to use it prior to training.
  • For staff who cannot download Zoom (e.g. Birmingham Children’s Trust Staff), it will not be necessary to download the Zoom program in order to attend the virtual session.