Message from West Midlands Fire Service - Safe and Well Checks

Published: 12th Mar 2021

West Midland Fire Service would like to share the following message with Partners.

Dear Partner

West Midlands Fire Service continue to offer free "Safe and Well" assessments for those most at risk of fire throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, so please continue to refer to us using your organisation’s usual method. If you’re unsure how to refer to us or want to set up a new referral pathway please get in touch via the contact details below.

Covid risk-assessed home visits are still available for individuals that our data shows are most at risk of dying or being seriously injured in a fire: namely, people who live alone and meet two of the following additional risk factors:

  • Smoking
  • Drug or alcohol dependency
  • Medical oxygen and/or an airflow mattress use
  • A sensory impairment (e.g. sight, hearing)
  • Poor mobility
  • Have had a fire previously *
  • Victim of hate crime *
  • Hoarding *
  • Mental health condition (including dementia)

*Where these risks are present, when referring please include any of these four risk factors in the ‘Comments’ section of your referral, as this will help us triage more effectively during the Covid pandemic.

For those at lower risk, and to play our part in helping reduce Covid-19 transmission, we will instead look to conduct remote assessments by telephone or using our viewing app "999eye".

As COVID restrictions are eased, to provide a focused and targeted response to your referrals based on risk and vulnerability, remote assessments will continue as a response to referrals where risk is lower, and it is appropriate to do so.

Whether a full home-visit or remote Safe and Well is carried out, we will do our best to ensure protective equipment is provided where possible.

The following resources can help you to identify risk and understand the value of referrals to us:

Understanding and identifying risk:

How we can help:

Please remember, your referrals can save lives. At a time when people are spending more time at home and therefore engaging in more activities that can increase the risk of fire - we hope you will help us in keeping our communities safe. If partners have any queries please contact:

Sue Brookin

Partnerships Team

M: 07973 810101

T: 0121 380 6357


Secure email: