Message from Birmingham City Council - Safeguarding Adults Team

Published: 18th Feb 2021

Message from Birmingham Adults Social Care - Adults Social Care and 7 Minute Briefing.

The Adult Social Care Safeguarding Team understands the enormous pressures our colleagues and partners are currently experiencing. We too are feeling the impact of the pandemic and the measures in place to manage the consequences of it. In the spirit of Making Safeguarding Personal, and mindful that safeguarding is everyone’s business, we would be grateful if partner agencies could take account of the following when considering raising a Section 42 Safeguarding concern with the Local Authority:

  • Engage directly with the person (either remotely or face:face). Clarify what their views and wishes are with regard to the issue that has led to the concerns being raised. Wherever possible ensure that the person is aware that you are planning to refer to the Local Authority and obtain their agreement to this course of action.
  • Is there anything that you could do to address/mitigate the concerns?
  • Be clear about how the concerns meet the three part threshold for a Section 42 referral to the Local Authority.
  • If you decide to proceed with a referral to the Local Authority, please provide sufficient information to confirm all of the above. This will save time when we are prioritising and deciding how best to respond.
  • Please ensure that any referral contains full contact details for the vulnerable person. If the concern being raised relates to Domestic Abuse is vital that the referral is clear about how the vulnerable person can be safely contacted or how any risks of making contact can be minimised.

A 7 minute briefing and tips on virtual consulation has been developed by the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board.

7 Minute Briefing

Tips on Virtual Consultation