Coronavirus (Covid 19) - A messsage from Cherry Dale our Independent Chair

Published: 23rd Mar 2020

Message to Partners from Cherry Dale Independent Chair of the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board.

Dear All

Arising from the many challenges associated with the current Coronavirus and having taken account of the comments from several safeguarding partners who are supporting their organisational responses and requirements we have cancelled some meetings and relooked at how we manage the functions and the business of the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board, using technology for example holding virtual meeting.

It is vital that organisational resources are directed to responding to the Coronavirus and protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities and this will require a collective and flexible response.

The BSAB team managed by Ash Manzoor continue to provide the support function. When it is appropriate please continue to share updates and developments that are relevant to the work of the Board.

I shall continue to review the ongoing situations with BSAB related matters in conjunction with Ash Manzoor and the relevant partners and update further when necessary.

Please find attached letter from the Department of Health and Social Care in relation to updates and the Adult Social Care Emergency Bill, published on the 18 March 2020. Please cascade this letter to your staff, delivery partners and other interested parties.

Also please see link below to various guidance and publication in regard to Coronavirus.

In these challenging and unprecedented times may I take this opportunity to thank you and your teams for the vital work that you are doing to keep our communities safe.

Please also remember to look after yourselves.

Best wishes

Cherry Dale

Independent Chair

Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board