The Herbert Protocol: Missing person risk reduction tool from West Midlands Police

Published: 4th Jun 2020

The Herbert Protocol is an initiative which encourages carers to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

The Herbert Protocol is a form that can be completed by family, friends or carers of a person who could go missing at any time.  The aim of the form is protect people who suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia because there is a chance that they could go out and get lost.  

Filling out the form in advance will save you from having to remember information at a stressful time if the person does go missing.  

If a person with care and support needs does go missing, you should call 999 and tell the operator that you have a Herbert Protocol form available.

View the 60-second briefing about The Herbert Protocol from West Midlands Police. 

Download the missing person referral form