Self Neglect and Hoarding

The Guidance and Process for Self Neglect in Birmingham.

Image of the cover of Self neglect guidance

The Care Act states that self-neglect covers a wide range of behaviour; neglecting to care for one’s personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding.

It should be noted that self-neglect may not prompt a Section 42 enquiry4. An assessment should be made on a case by case basis.

A decision on whether a response is required under safeguarding duties will depend on the adult’s ability to protect themselves by controlling their own behaviour.

There may come a point when they are no longer able to do this, without external support. Locally please refer to the BIrmingham Self-neglect and Hoarding Birmingham Multi-agency Guidance and Procedures and referral will be used to determine the pathway of a concern.

View the Guidance and Risk Assessment Tool.