Managing Risk: Risk Enablement

The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) believes that at the heart of adult safeguarding lies a tension between the duty to protect an adult from the risk of harm, with the duty to support them to maintain as much control and choice over their life as possible.

All professionals involved in safeguarding an adult at risk have a duty to understand this tension, and to work with the adult (and others involved with them).

This is to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck between managing risk and protection from harm with promoting their autonomy and wellbeing in any action they take.

We call this Risk Enablement’.

The Practice Guidance developed with partners over 2017 to 2018, aims to support professionals to achieve the balance between protection and autonomy that is right for the adult in each case.

BSAB calls on all its partner organisations to support their front line staff in adopting the principles of its Risk Enablement Guidance, as part of meeting their adult safeguarding duties. Partners should ensure the values and culture of their organisations explicitly supports front line staff in working in this way.

Download the Risk Enablement guide and briefing