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  • What is safeguarding?

    Safeguarding means protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Information for individuals ...
  • Information Sharing Protocol

    Intended to support the multi-agency procedures to enable information sharing among agencies and professionals when faced with suspected abuse or inadequate care of a vulnerable ...
  • Self Neglect and Hoarding

    This document contains information regarding concerns about adults who self-neglect. It addresses what self-neglect is, why it matters and provides information in relation to safeguarding. ...
  • Safeguarding Adults Reviews: Information for Families, Friends and Carers

    When an adult who needs care and support either dies or suffers serious harm, and when abuse or neglect is thought to have been a ...
  • Safeguarding Adults Reviews: Information for Families, Friends and Carers

    When an adult who needs care and support either dies or suffers serious harm, and when abuse or neglect is thought to have been a ...
  • The Herbert Protocol: Missing Adult Information Form

    A form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police if the person is reported missing. ...
  • Safeguarding Adult Review

    The Care Act 2014 introduced Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) which were previously known as Serious Case Reviews (SCRs). This is a change in terminology. ...
  • The Waiting Room

    The Waiting Room is a free online resource directory designed to give you information about the right support  and advice you when you need it most.
  • Birmingham Safeguarding Adult Partnership Events

    If you would like information on how to become a member of the BSAB Safeguarding Adult Partnership, please e-mail: ...
  • The Clewer Initiative has launched an app to tackle modern slavery in farming, horticulture and food production

    The Farm Work Welfare App, developed by The Clewer Initiative, will provide information on employment rights in eight languages and is aimed at the thousands of workers who come every year to help with the harvest of fruit and vegetables on UK farms.
  • Managing Risk: Risk Enablement

    The Practice Guidance developed with partners over 2017 to 2018, aims to support professionals to achieve the balance between protection and autonomy that is right ...
  • Information for New Volunteers and Community Groups

    This information has been created to support Volunteers and Community Group to help raise awareness about Safeguarding Adults during the period of the Coronavirus 2020 ...
  • Making Safeguarding Personal Webinar

    Research in Practice are hosting two webinars to support the implementation of Making Safeguarding Personal. This work has been commissioned by ADASS and the LGA.
  • Safeguarding Adult Review Group

    Birmingham’s Safeguarding Review Group takes its duty very seriously under The Care Act (2014) to conduct SARs. The Board has developed its Safeguarding Adult Review Group comprised ...
  • 7 Minute Briefings

    The 7 briefings provide a mixture of information such as learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews. They can also be used to support reflective discussion ...
  • The six principles of safeguarding

    The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) fully incorporates the six principles of adult safeguarding that should guide and inform the approach to delivery of safeguarding ...
  • West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network: NRM Explanatory Document launched

    WM Anti-Slavery Network have produced a multi-lingual document which explains the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) for use by First Responders for survivors of Modern Slavery.
  • Law Commission Consultation on Reforms to the Hate Crime Laws

    The Law Commission is now calling for reforms to hate crime laws to make them fairer and, for example, to protect women for the first time (although the proposals are wider than just gender).
  • Learning and Development Group

    Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) recognises that safeguarding responsibilities in the city have to be delivered flexibly, in a wide range of ways and by ...
  • Safeguarding Adults Blue Booklet

    This booklet contains information on topics that relate to safeguarding. It addresses what safeguarding is, abuse and neglect, mental capacity and various other topics to ...
  • Information Vulnerable Citizens who are Self Isolating

    We want to make sure the most vulnerable are safe when they are self-isolating as well as generally keeping safe - here are some things ...
  • Physical Abuse – fact sheet 1

    Information on different types of physical abuse is provided in this fact sheet. This covers a range of actions and behaviours, and the signs and ...
  • Neglect Abuse – fact sheet 5

    This fact sheet provides information on Neglect and the possible signs and symptoms it may present. ...
  • Scrutiny and Governance Committee

    The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) actively seeks assurance at strategic and operational levels across all types of service provision within the city. This includes ...
  • Keele University - looking for participants for research into impact of COVID-19 on Adult Safeguarding

    Keele University are inviting frontline practitioners to take part in a survey designed to explore your views about the impact COVID-19 has had on the law and practice of adult safeguarding.
  • Managing Risk: Risk Enablement

    The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) believes that at the heart of adult safeguarding lies a tension between the duty to protect an adult from ...
  • Safeguarding Adults Staff Competencies and Good Practice Learning Standards Guidance Toolkit

    This document provides guidance and information on competency of the workforce around safeguarding adults. It also provides Learning Standards and a Guidance Toolkit. ...
  • West Midlands MARAC - A MARAC basics and refresher training sessions available to safeguarding professionals across the West Midlands Region.

    West Midlands MARAC will be hosting a series of events designed to improve connections with key sectors and partners. MARAC is the multi-agency response to high risk domestic abuse in the West Midlands
  • Webinar on Closed Cultures

    When a service has a closed culture, people are more at risk of abuse and human rights breaches.
  • What Is Hoarding - Briefing 10 March 22

    This briefing will focus on Hoarding.
  • What Is Hoarding - Briefing 13 September 22

    This briefing will focus on Hoarding.
  • Self Neglect and Applying Mental Capacity Act Webinar

    Watch this Useful Webinar
  • Message from West Midlands Fire Service - Safe and Well Checks

    West Midland Fire Service would like to share the following message with Partners.
  • Welcome to the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board

    The first thing I want you to know about us is that we are committed to listening to the voice of the citizens of Birmingham. ...
  • Call for Evidence for Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy

    This call for evidence was reopened at 6pm on 12 March to further collect views from those with lived experience of, or views on, crimes considered as violence against women and girls.
  • Safeguarding Adults Partnership Event - Loneliness and Social Isolation

    Safeguarding Adult Partnership events are aimed at Organisational Managers and Safeguarding Leads who work with Adults with Care and Support in Birmingham.
  • Safeguarding Adult Partnership Event - Mental Capacity Act

    Safeguarding Adult Partnership Events are aimed at Organisational Managers and Safeguarding Leads who work with Adults with Care and Support in Birmingham.
  • Free Briefing about Hoarding - 20 January 2022

    This free briefing will be delivered for the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board by Heather Matuozzo of Clouds End CIC and Ruth Hare from Birmingham City Council - Adult Social Care.
  • Briefing Session - Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR) and IMR's 27 Jan 22

    Booking is available for Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR) & Independent Management Reviews (IMR) Briefing Session.
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Professional Briefing in Response to COVID-19

    The Police and Crime Commissioner is launching the multi-agency domestic abuse campaign #noexcuseforabuse
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR) & Independent Management Reviews (IMR) Briefing Session

    Booking is available for Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR) & Independent Management Reviews (IMR) Briefing Session.
  • Types of abuse

    This section considers the different types and patterns of abuse and neglect and the different circumstances in which they may take place. This is not ...
  • The Importance of Professional Curiosity for Safeguarding Adults

    Professional curiosity is a concept which has been recognised as important in the area of safeguarding. More recently, Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) have also highlighted this need.
  • Safeguarding Adult Review Information for Family and Friends

    The BSAB wants families and carers to be involved in Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) as much as possible. We believe families, carers and (where appropriate) the person who ...
  • Advocacy Services

    Advocacy is getting support from another person to help you: express your views and wishes secure your rights have your interests represented access information and services explore choices and options Advocacy ...
  • Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP)

    The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) supports and promotes the principles of MSP. We believe that: A shift in focus from process to people involves fundamental cultural ...
  • Forced Marriage and Adult Safeguarding Summary Guidance for Practitioners and Managers

    This document contains guidance for Practitioners and Managers relating to Forced Marriage and Adult Safeguarding. It addresses what a forced marriage is and refers to statutory ...
  • How to make a referral for a Safeguarding Adult Review

    What to do if you feel a case may meet the criteria for a Safeguarding Adult Review? If you feel the criteria has been met for a Safegaurding Adults ...
  • What is a Safeguarding Adult Review

    When an adult who needs care and support either dies or suffers serious harm, and when abuse or neglect is thought to have been a ...
  • The Executive Board

    The Executive Board is made up of senior representatives from the following organisations, who are statutory partners of the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB): Birmingham City ...
  • Hoarding

    Sometimes, but not always, there are strong links between self-neglect and hoarding. Hoarding disorder was previously considered a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but ...
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    The purpose of the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board is to help and safeguard adults with care and support needs. ...