Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Safeguarding Adults Reviews

About safeguarding adults reviews

If an adult dies, or nearly dies, as a result of abuse or neglect and a safeguarding adults review request is made, the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) will consider arranging a review of what happened.

The review is to establish whether the organisations that the adult has come into contact with could have done something differently to protect the adult.

The review is not to blame any individual or organisation but promote effective learning and improvement to prevent future deaths or serious harm occurring again, and for agencies to work together to aim towards positive outcomes for the adult and the family involved

Safeguarding adults reviews (SARs) are one of the core responsibilities of the board, as stated in the Care Act 2014, and referred cases will be published in the board’s annual reports.

To support you as a professional or member of the public in making a referral, the Birmingham Adults Safeguarding Board have produced a suite of referral documents:

Guidance for Conducting Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Safeguarding Adults Reviews Model Options

Safeguarding Adults Reviews Referral Form

Safeguarding Adults Reviews Information for Families, Friends and Carers

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