Safeguarding Adult Review

A Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) may be held when an adult with care and support needs dies, or has experienced serious abuse or neglect, and there is concern that partner agencies could have worked together more effectively to support and protect the person who suffered harm.

A SAR is not an enquiry into the cause of an individual(s) death or injury. It does not look for someone to blame and it is completely separate from any investigation being undertaken by the police or a coroner. The SAR concentrates instead on whether professionals can learn anything from what happened.

Any individual (including members of the public) may put forward a case for consideration for a Safeguarding Adults Review.

A staff member in a partner agency who believes a SAR is warranted should discuss their concerns in relation to the case in question within their organisation before submitting the request.

SAR Referral Form

Do not use the SAR Referral Form to report abuse. If you have concerns about an adult, please use the report a concern button.

This guidance sets out the criteria for completing a SAR and outlines how these learning reviews are carried out.

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