Learning and Development Group

Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) recognises that safeguarding responsibilities in the city have to be delivered flexibly, in a wide range of ways and by a very wide range of partners.

Safeguarding is genuinely everybody’s business and, as part of the fundamental culture shift we are seeking to deliver in Birmingham, our approach is collaborative rather than prescriptive.

We are very aware that as far as improving outcomes for citizens, one size does not fit all.

Partners are individually and separately responsible for assessing the learning and development needs of their own staff or volunteers. We recognise and respect that this is likely to look different from organisation to organisation.

The role of BSAB is to promote a learning culture and seek assurance that the system works as a whole, rather than focusing on the arrangements within individual partner organisations. We do, however, expect that the approach to learning and development within all partner organisations should continue to reinforce the basic cultural shift we are trying to deliver together in Birmingham.

This includes a:

  • commitment to risk enablement
  • culture of defensible decision-making
  • focus on prevention and early intervention
  • commitment to working in partnership/collaboration to improve outcomes for citizens
  • commitment to ‘Making Safeguarding Personal

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