Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

A Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) is when agencies who worked with an adult who had suffered abuse or neglect, come together to find out if they could have done things differently and prevented harm or a death from happening. A SAR does not blame anyone; it tries to find out what can be changed so that harm is less likely to happen in the way it did to other people in the future.

The law says Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board must arrange a SAR when:

  • There is reasonable cause for concern about how BSAB, its partners or others worked together to safeguard the adult,


  • The adult died and the SAB suspects the death resulted from abuse or neglect.


  • The adult is alive and the SAB suspects the adult has experienced abuse or neglect.

SARs are overseen by BSAB’s Safeguarding Adult Review Group, made up of representatives from 12 BSAB partner organisations, and chaired by a member of the group appointed by the Board.

Papers from previous SARS can be found here: