About us

About us

Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board is a partnership of over 100 organisations including, the council, police, NHS and the fire service, that work with adults with care and support needs.

The role of the Board is to make sure that safeguarding arrangements in Birmingham work well to help protect adults with care and support needs from abuse and neglect.

Our vision for Birmingham

People with care and support needs in Birmingham are able to live their lives free from harm because we have a city that does not tolerate abuse; the community works together to prevent abuse and people know what to do when abuse happens.

Our statement of purpose

Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board will:

  • Coordinate the strategic development of adults safeguarding work across Birmingham.
  • Maintain oversight of safeguarding arrangements in the city, ensuring these arrangements meet the needs of the people of Birmingham and are fully reflective of the voice of the community.
  • Support and monitor the effectiveness of the work undertaken by partner agencies across the city.
  • Meet its statutory duties as set out in section 43 of the Care Act 2014 and in chapter 14, statutory guidance issued under section 78 of the Care Act 2014.
    • Publish a strategic business plan for each financial year detailing how it will meet its objectives and what members will do to achieve this.
    • Publish an annual report detailing what the Board has done during the year to achieve its objectives and to implement its strategic plan.
    • Conduct any safeguarding adults reviews in accordance with section 44 of the Care Act 2014 and report on the findings of these reviews in the annual report.