MCA/SCR Forum – Lessons Learnt from the A2 Serious Case Review

5th June 2013

The Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) recently held a multi-agency forum focussing on the learning from 2 adult Serious Case Reviews carried out in Birmingham. The event included speakers addressing issues arising out of the reviews and the interface between the Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health legislation. This was followed by an opportunity for the audience to have small group discussion and then a question and answer session with the speakers and other representatives from the BSAB.

The event was well attended by people from a range of agencies and it was very positively received. Feedback from those attending supported the idea of running further forums on topics related to safeguarding and also shorter sessions based around case scenarios. It is hoped that we will be able to host further events in due course.

The power point presentations and the notes from the ‘Question and Answer session’ are available from the link below.

Pracs Forum Fdback Q and A draft (Word)

Adult Protection and the Mental Capacity Act (Powerpoint)

Anne McGarry Seminar Presentation final (Powerpoint)

Steve Harris slides (Powerpoint)

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