Birmingham implements the ‘Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands’ on April 23rd 2013

I am delighted to announce that the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) has now formally adopted the ‘Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands’ together with ‘Birmingham’s Local Practice Guidance’. You can find these on this website under the publications tab.

The ‘Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands’ is the culmination of a project with 11 other Local Authorities, supported by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), to introduce a West Midlands wide policy and procedure. It reflects the commitment of organisations in the West Midlands and allied local authorities to work together to prevent abuse, to empower and support people to make their own choices and to provide a service to those experiencing abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The policy and procedure provide an overarching framework to enable and encourage a consistent approach across the West Midlands to the way in which adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse. It has been designed to enable individual local authorities to retain relevant local guidance which supports or extends the framework. Birmingham’s Local Practice Guidance is therefore available alongside the new policy and procedure to assist staff in implementing the new policy and procedures in Birmingham.

The policy and procedure will be maintained electronically and with on-going support from SCIE. It should be seen as a living document which will be updated regularly as both practice and policy develop. Similarly the BSAB will be responsible for ensuring that the Local Practice Guide is kept updated and reflects best practice.

Download: Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure Briefing Pack April 2013

Policy, Procedures and Guidance

Alan Lotinga, Chair of the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board, 23rd April 2013.


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