Policy, Procedures and Guidance

We have added the ‘Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy and procedure for the West Midlands’ to our website broken down into 14 sections. Section 15 is Birmingham’s Local Practice Guidance- a series of guidance notes and procedures which support the main policy and procedure. Within the policy and procedure sections you will find hyperlinks to relevant sections of the Local Practice Guidance.

An editing group for the Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy & procedures for the West Midlands’ has been formed to consistently review and amend any aspect of the procedures in line with legislative or practice change. The Operations subgroup of the Board will oversee editing and updating Birmingham’s Local Practice Guidance.

All updates to the policy, procedure and/or the local practice guidance will be posted on the website.

To ensure that you always use the most up-to-date versions of the policy, procedures and guidance, we recommend that you access them using the website and not as downloaded files/documents.

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Section 1 Forward, Glossary and introduction

Section 2 Principles and values, adults at risk and mental capacity

Section 3 Abuse

Section 4 Safeguarding Adults roles and responsibilities



Section 5 Introduction

Section 6 Stage 1 – Alert

Section 7 Stage 2 – Referral

Section 8 Stage 3 – Strategy discussion or meeting

Section 9 Stage 4 – Investigations/assessments

Section 10 Stage 5 – Case Conference

Section 11 Stage 6 – Review

Section 12 Stage 7 – Closure

Section 13 Major investigations and Serious Case Reviews

Section 14 References


Local Practice Guidance

The Guidance notes can be downloaded on the following page:

Section 15 Birmingham’s Local Practice Guidance



We would recommend that you access the policy, procedure and local guidance online using this website. However, if you need to print off a copy of each document please:

Click on this link for the ‘Safeguarding adults: multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands’

And click here…. for Birmingham’s Local practice Guidance.

Please ensure that you use both documents to assist you in working with adults at risk of harm in Birmingham.